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Tomas Ruz, S.A. de C.V. SHIP AGENCY


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Petroleos Mexicanos Inner Harbour Facilities:

Pemex maintains at the Inner Harbour three marginal berths and one "T" type berth handling petroleum products, such as Diesel Oil, Mogas, Jet Fuel, Bunkers and Ammonia.

Petroleos Mexicanos new Industrial Harbour development:

For the past several years Petroleos Mexicanos has been constructing a new Industrial Port which will be located outside the present Inner Harbour Facilities, west of the present Port entrance.


This new Industrial Port will be protected by two stone and concrete jetties of 1,500 mts. long (the East jetty) and 780 mts. long (the West jetty) built transversal to the shore line. We understand that, at the present, the completion of the West Jetty has been postponed.


Presently, one finger type berth for vessels up to 60,000 S.D.W. has been completed and is ready to operate. This berth will be able to handle various products, such as Fuel Oil LPG Mixes, Ammonia, Gasolines, etc. The draft is expected to be between 36 to 38 ft. saltwater. We understand that this berth will operate until above West Jetty is completed.


Meantime, on 1996 Petroleos Mexicanos installed in this new Industrial Port a loading position for gas tankers handling Heavy Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil which will operate with four conventional mooring buoys where up to 60,000 SDW tankers are moored.

Petroleos Mexicanos Offshore Buoys:

There are three offshore buoys operating west of Salina Cruz. Two of these buoys operate small tankers up to 60,000 SWD and are utilized for domestic traffic principally Diesel Oil and gasoline. The third buoy was designed to handle vessels up to 275,000 SWD and operates exclusively Crude Oil for export market.


 Recinto Fiscal Berths:


Berths One, Two and Three are used for general cargo purposes, for discharge of grain in bulk and bagged.


The containers berth operates with one porta containers, one shore crane, three transcontainers, eight tractors and sixteen platforms and its patio is capable of handling about 5,000 containers.






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