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Tomas Ruz, S.A. de C.V. SHIP AGENCY


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Coatzacoalcos Port Facilities:


1. The Commercial Port installations, known as "Recinto Fiscal Autorizado" (Authorized Fiscal Precinct), with one marginal berth with 9 different berthing positions, being one of them, specially designed to berth and operate barges for railcars. There are various private terminals for petrochemical products, molasses, sulfur, cement, grain, etc.

    The port infrastructure in this area such as berths, patios, warehouses are owned and operated by the government through its agencies, except for some private terminals that operate under private contracts. All vessels and cargoes are subject to Port, Dockage, Wharfage and Storage Dues, with some exceptions to the private terminals.

2. The Industrial Port installations located in Pajaritos Lagoon, with the following private terminals:

  • Petroleos Mexicanos Pajaritos Terminal with 14 berths where tankers operate a great variety of petroleum and petrochemical products.
  • Agromex Pajaritos Terminal (Urea Plant) with one finger type berth.(Presently not operating)
  • Innophos, S.A. de C.V. Pajaritos Terminal (Fertilizers Plant) with one T type berth for phosrock and acids.

These installations operate privately using exclusively the Port’s Pilotage, towage and launches services. All their berths, plus its storage facilities, the loading and unloading equipment are owned by these companies and its operating and maintenance costs and expenses are absorbed by them. Also these companies are exempt of the Mexican government Dockage, Wharfage and Storage Dues since their installations are considered private, however, all vessels that operate in these terminals are subject to Port Dues. In addition, Agromex Terminal charges Terminal Usage Fees to those vessels that operate at its berths. These Fees are similar to the Government Dockage Dues.

The Port also provides the following services: Pilotage, Launches, Linemen, Water, Cleaning, Shipchandlers, Towage, Bunker Supply, Cargo Handling, among others.




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